[RDDT3] Reddit: Reddit With A Vengeance

Tanks of Iron, Men of Wood

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A Reddit.com Account
Teamspeak and a mic
50% Win Rate*
1200 Win8*
An attitude that embraces learning and constructive criticism

As a tank company/team battle oriented clan we also require:
At least one of the following tier 6 tanks:
- KV-1S
- Hellcat
- Cromwell
- VK30.02M
- T34-85
- FV304
- VK36.01H
At least one of the following tier 8 tanks:
- T69
- M26 Pershing
- T32
- Tiger II
- AMX 50-100
- AMX 13-90
- IS-3
- WZ-132
- 110
- STA-1
- Obj 416
And one of the following: T1 Cunninham, Leichtractor, T2LT, Pz1C, Luchs
All required tanks must be fully upgraded.

*All statistical requirements are based on 60 day history and minimally the most recent 1000 battles

- Be on Team Speak when playing WOT
- Participate in at least one scheduled event per week
- Be courteous to other tankers

To apply to join the clan find a recruiter our teamspeak: redditwot.ts.nfoservers.com

Military Personnel (92) Data as of

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