[VILIN] Villain


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We are villain; we're downright dastardly, gold stealing, damsel kidnapping, mustache-twirling, bad guys. If you've got one dagger in your back and another in your hand, you're our kind of people. No landing is safe, no gold pot secure, lock your doors and bar your windows when villain comes to town

Teamspeak Link

Spots Open
Overall =1750+ WN7 / 2250+ W8
60 Day = 2000+ WN7 / 2500+ W8
6+ Tier X
W/R 57%+

Villain is recruiting only highly experienced Clan Wars players that exceed the requirements, who are serious about winning, With all due respect, those who do not Meet or exceed our requirements may be given a chance to join one of our other clans

If your interested in joining please come to our Teamspeak and ask for a villain Recruiter for more Info or Click to Submit Application

Military Personnel (99) Data as of

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