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[REJEX] Rejected Outcast

Taking Heavy Metal to a whole new level! If your going to die.. take a few with you! Semper Gumbi!

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We are currently looking for like minded people who are wanting something more than casual but less than hardcore and feel Rejected well don't feel Rejected anymore come join the Rejected Outcasts the right place for you

A clan for people of like minds. NO DRAMA, no BELITTLING of others within this clan! We are a tight knit group of people that are open to new plans and strategies for battles and enjoy the camaraderie that comes from working together. We have TS3 for communications and it is required.We are here to have fun, Group up, and play a game!

YOU MUST be on TS3 for platoons/team battles/company battles.
YOU will be in recruit status for 2 weeks to see if the clan is a good fit for you and you a good fit for the clan.
YOU MUST come to our TS and talk with us before application gets accepted.
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an {RO} gaming community
FB Rejected Outcasts Gaming Community

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