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Must have been the gold rounds.

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This is the official Clan Wars clan of Reddit.

For entry-level clans, please join RDTT2, RDDT3, RDDT6, RDDT7, PIR8, BL1TZ, RDDTX

Sister CW clan is NARWL
Third CW clan is TL-DR
Fourth CW clan is RDDTV

Come join us at our subreddit

RDDT is selectively recruiting. Please contact a recruiter for additional information.

Applicants must:
- have a mic and access to TeamSpeak 3: redditwot.ts.nfoservers.com
-18+ years old, hopefully non-sperglords. At least try to fake that you're not a sperg during the interview.
- provide their Reddit username in application message.
- have prior clan wars experience
-Able to make clan wars 3 nights a week or more
-2,200 WN8 + 56% win rate 60-day/1,000 battles OR 1800 WN8 + 53% overall players
- 5+ Tier 10 tanks

Military Personnel (100) Data as of

# User Name Position Joined