[L13TH] The Lucky 13th

Lucky 13th, It's better to have an ounce of luck than a pound of gold.

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A group of friends and players who want to have fun but have a competitive spirit. We are very active and serious about clan wars! No Drama, no rage, just a bunch of Adults playing this game having fun. Visit us at our website: www.13thcavalry.enjin.com.

Looking forward to fighting at your side soon!


1. Be on Teamspeak 3 when you play and keep up to date with information on our forums.
2. Be active for Clan Wars and Stronghold
3. Commit to at least a minimum level of activity; three days of Clan Wars / Stronghold each calendar week.
4. One tier 10 tank, One tier 8, and one tier 6.
5. Be serious about CWs and training.
6. Must be 18 years old or older.
7. 1000+ WN8
8. Be friendly. In the 13th it's Personality first, skill second.

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