[7THAD] 7th_Armored_Division

The Lucky 7th

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Founded on April 16th, 2011

The Original, the 7th Armored Division is a mature but casual clan focused on having fun and enjoying World of Tanks. Our core values include team work, a positive attitude, respectfulness, consistent activity, and most of all, having a good time playing World of Tanks. We welcome those who want to succeed and bring prestige to our clan.

We require teamspeak3 and an account on our website 7thad.com Once you are there you will need to:

1. Read the Code of Conduct
2. Register a Forum Account
3. Fill out an application.

You can inquire within our teamspeak for more information
Our Teamspeak is:

This clan's mission is an Active Reserve Battalion.

Military Personnel (16) Data as of

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