[MOWR] Mechanics Of War Regiment

Brotherhood of Tankers...Respect, Integrity, Trust, and Honor without the DRAMA

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MOWR is looking for team players who enjoy working together in platoons or tank companies to gain experience and working as a unit in clan battles. MOWR clan members are people who enjoy this game and participate in clan wars every night. If this fits your style of play and competitiveness and meet the requirements below, come join us!!!

You need to be active.
Stats are not a priority, but we are always looking to get better. Mediocrity isn't accepted.
Be willing to get into clan battles and be disciplined in your play. Play smart, looking for quality in your play.
You must be able to communicate in English and while in game be on our TeamSpeak server
You MUST be respectful toward others both inside and outside the clan at all times.


Military Personnel (98) Data as of

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