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The World of Tanks team is proud to announce the Clan Wars event "Armageddon." Armageddon involves bold new battle plans, secret technology, hidden areas, and heated battles. And you'll see all of it on the way to the goal -- obliterating the world's evil and heading for a new Global Map!


Custom IS-5 (unique camo & emblem)

Standard IS-5


The trophy of the battle against the Empire will be a unique tier VIII Premium Tank -- the IS-5 (Object 730) with unique camouflage. 1,000 of them will be distributed to the best-performing players from the best-performing Clans according to the event results.

Also, in order to increase the number of IS-5 owners and taking into account the increased interest in it, we'll provide the top 1,500 participants who did not win an opportunity to purchase the IS-5 with Gold. Thus the total number of tank winners will be increased from 1,000 to 2,500.